Water Finance Exchange

No Community Left Behind

Water Finance Exchange (WFX), a 501(c)(3), works closely with federal and state stakeholders, communities, philanthropy, and the financial sector to address the water infrastructure funding shortage facing thousands of communities across the U.S. 

WFX defines success by effectively connecting small, rural, and underserved communities to ideas, expertise, and financing which yield successful water infrastructure deals. 

Our Mission

WFX’s mission is to help communities access funding, financing, and expertise to implement resilient, sustainable, and equitable water infrastructure solutions.
WFX believes that new, innovative models are necessary to meet the needs of communities around the country.  These strategies must be holistic, integrating affordable community financing with the stewardship of water resources.

Our Vision

WFX’s vision is to build pathways to healthy communities and regions. Water infrastructure is more than just pipes and pumps but a cornerstone for healthy communities and economic development; all communities should have water and sanitation that is affordable and sustainable.

WFX strongly believes in the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in every facet of its work, internal processes, and engagement. WFX’s mission to support small, rural, and underserved communities necessitates an active and robust philosophy on the incorporation of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. Trust is the foundational element of WFX’s relationship with communities and part of that trust requires elevating leadership and voices that represent the communities we serve.

WFX intentionally recruits employees, Board Members, and Advisory Council members to be representative of the communities the organization serves.

Our Model

WFX process of creating a pipeline of fundable communities includes:

WFX’s approach is to work hand-in-hand with communities to develop and implement sustainable water infrastructure plans.

WFX is calling for information about communities that have an identified need and a funding gap to be screened as potential early deal candidates. For more information on how to apply, CLICK HERE.