Water Finance Exchange

No Community Left Behind

Water Finance Exchange (WFX), a 501(c)(3), is a trusted intermediary that works closely with federal and state stakeholders, communities, philanthropy, and the financial sector to address the water infrastructure funding shortage facing thousands of communities across the U.S.

WFX believes water infrastructure is more than pipes and pumps, it is a catalyst for economic development and a cornerstone for public health and environmental needs. All communities should have water and sanitation that is affordable and sustainable.

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A one trillion-dollar investment in water infrastructure is critically needed to meet decades of deferred investments across the country. Community water systems are outdated, create public health and environmental risks, and require support to meet current needs.

Communities across the U.S. need to invest in their water and wastewater infrastructure but lack the financial and technical capacity to implement sustainable solutions.

WFX supports communities with:
WFX connects communities with an interdisciplinary team of experts and resources needed to help each community assess options, select, design, and fund “right-size” projects that meet their local priorities.
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WFX defines success as effectively connecting small, rural, and underserved communities to ideas, expertise, and financing which yield successful water infrastructure deals.

WFX’s model is purposefully holistic, utilizing a watershed and regional lens to help communities pursue sustainable infrastructure solutions that meet environmental, public health, and economic needs.

WFX is calling for information about communities that have an identified need and a funding gap to be screened as potential early deal candidates.

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