Brendan McGinnis

Chief Operating Manager

Brendan manages the day-to-day organization and management activities of WFX, including deal follow-up, budgeting and other operational priorities.
Mr. McGinnis has been active in the water resources and sustainability sectors for over 15 years, with a strong proficiency in convening, managing complex projects, facilitating government affairs, conducting stakeholder outreach, and directing business and organizational development. He has extensive knowledge of regulation, policy, and markets with a practical understanding of the governmental agencies, companies, and NGOs that shape and drive environmental outcomes.
Mr. McGinnis serves as Chief Operating Officer of Earth & Water Group, based in Washington, DC. He also co-founded THG Advisors in 2008, where he launched and led the firms THG’s Water Resources Policy, Development & Sustainable Communities Group. From 2009-2019, he served as Executive Director of the Water Resources Action Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit mitigating conflict in the Middle East through cross-border environmental peace-building programs for youth with a focus on water resources and conservation. Mr. McGinnis received his MBA and B.A. in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University.