How To Apply

Water Finance Exchange (WFX) catalyzes federal and state stakeholders, communities, philanthropy, and the financial sector to address the environmental and public health impacts of funding shortages for water infrastructure projects impacting thousands of communities across the U.S.

WFX provides technical assistance and pre-development support through a revolving forgivable loan fund to small, rural, and underserved communities. WFX’s pre-development fund provides innovative financing solutions, as many communities have short-term challenges where WFX can deploy pre-development capital to catalyze project success or mitigate a barrier to progress. WFX’s flexible pre-development offers forgivable loans to communities up to $250,000 and may be utilized to address financing roadblocks or serve as bridge loans.

If you are interested in learning more about WFX’s efforts or believe that your community or project could benefit from WFX’s support, please send inquiries to the following:

Josh Clement, Senior Program Manager, Water Finance Exchange Inc.,

Upon receipt of initial interest, WFX will contact parties of interest to schedule a virtual and/or in-person meeting to continue the initial screening process.