Position: Alabama Community Support Director, Full-Time; Based in Alabama

Who We Are

The Water Finance Exchange (WFX) is a partnership between federal and state stakeholders, communities, philanthropy, and the financial sector to address the funding shortage of water infrastructure projects for thousands of American communities. A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, WFX is comprised of a team of water and finance professionals devoted to supporting communities across the U.S. reach sustainable water infrastructure solutions, encompassing economic, public health, and environmental needs.

Our model is to provide neutral, third-party expertise to develop water solutions for small and underserved communities from the ground up, rather than top-down. We work at a local level together with communities to provide support to reach sustainable water solutions while providing accessible financing opportunities to remove roadblocks that prevent projects from launching.

WFX believes it can support the efforts of small, rural, and disadvantaged communities to access funding by assembling the best expertise, building trusted relationships with communities, completing projects, and disseminating information about recurring issues and solutions that allow for scaling-up funding of similarly situated communities and regional initiatives. WFX aims to serve as a national platform to accelerate the adoption of best practices, increase the ability of smaller communities to access financing, and close the water infrastructure equity gap across the country.

Launched in 2020, WFX has created a pipeline of community water infrastructure project opportunities and is expanding its efforts to match the new federal and state investments in water infrastructure.

As part of its growth, WFX is seeking to add a full-time Alabama Community Support Director.

Job Summary

WFX is seeking an Alabama Community Support Director to assist in supporting communities in Alabama that are working to implement sustainable infrastructure solutions. This staffing position would work directly with WFX’s leadership, Senior Advisor team, and its existing partners in Alabama to build its project pipeline, analyze and conduct due diligence on prospective deals within target communities. In addition, this new hire will lead efforts in Alabama to develop and implement a region-wide management entity that can provide wastewater services to communities in need, primarily in the Black Belt region.

This position is responsible for communicating with community and leaders, conducting outreach with partner organizations, and providing technical assistance support to communities in partnership with WFX’s internal team. This can include routine and complex financial and economic information and issues pertaining to water utilities, such as rate and affordability analysis for smaller utilities. In addition, the position will focus on project development, financial feasibility analysis, risk management assistance, restructuring, portfolio management, and programmatic assistance.

The work performed by this position involves analyzing financial information that requires critical thinking and independent judgment. Projects will involve working both independently and collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplinary team. 

The ideal candidate will be self-determined, motivated, and enthusiastic about learning and advancing their career. WFX’s has offices in Washington D.C. and San Antonio, Texas, but the majority of the team works remotely. This position will be based in Alabama and the specific location will be determined by the candidate’s needs.


Key responsibilities include the following:
  • Lead and conduct direct outreach to communities in Alabama to market WFX’s technical assistance and pre-development services. Serve as main point of contact for engaged communities.
  • Lead efforts with engaged partners to develop and implement a Responsible Management Entity that can provide wastewater services to communities in need in Alabama.
  • Build and maintain partnerships with partners such as municipal groups, state agencies, and other stakeholders.
  • Engage communities and conduct first due diligence assessments of communities.
  • Serve as technical assistance support, coordinating services for communities and working with WFX team and its partners to provide external expertise.
  • Build and maintain community trust and relationships at a variety of levels in a community, including community members, city staff, political leaders, utility managers, and engineers.
  • Conduct financial due diligence and research various municipal, private, and corporate entities in the water sector. 
  • Assist in audit/regulatory compliance reviews, including reviewing the terms of legal and governance documents.
  • Assist with financial modeling by entering data, reviewing models, calculating financial ratios, and building sensitivity scenarios. 
  • Assist in the development, maintenance, and enhancement of screening processes and decision-making procedures and tools.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must have an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree, preferably in Engineering, Finance, Accounting, or Economics.
  • 3-5 years of experience in relevant sectors of public utilities, finance, or municipal governance.
  • Proficiency in MS office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Strong writing and editing skills, including comfort working with long technical reports.
  • Enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
  • Attention to detail and an ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Intellectual flexibility and adaptability for working a wide range of industries and assignments.


  • Graduate degree (MA, MS, and/or MBA) in Economics, Public Policy, Engineering, or Finance.
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in municipal government, financial sector, or the water supply and sanitation sector.
  • Knowledge of the State Revolving Funds and other infrastructure funding sources.


This is a full-time position based in Alabama.  Salary commensurate with experience.  WFX offers a competitive benefits package that includes vacation and sick leave and a comprehensive health plan.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit the following to info@waterfx.org

  • A cover letter of qualifications;
  • Resume (applicant may be asked to follow-up with professional references); and,
  • Writing samples demonstrating experience preparing formal technical documents, such as memoranda, or reports with respect to finance or economic issues.