Presidio County, Texas Building Momentum for Regional Solutions

Presidio County in Texas, a WFX partner community, has established a formal
Steering Committee to advance regional water and wastewater infrastructure solutions

WFX has been working with stakeholders and community leaders in Presidio
County, led by County Judge Cinderella Guevara and the County’s Underground Water
Conservation District, to develop a regional water and wastewater infrastructure plan for the
county, which comprises eight communities including Presidio, Marfa, unincorporated
communities, as well as several Colonias.

These efforts were noted in a recent article published in the Big Bend Sentinel on August 24 th ,2022, which documented the efforts of the community leaders and the formalization of the
Presidio County Steering Committee. Rogelio Rodriguez, WFX’s Director of the Texas
Infrastructure Fund, provided comments on WFX’s role in supporting the communities efforts
to ensure they have sustainable water sources and systems.

This county-wide water and wastewater infrastructure and resiliency strategy addresses
multiple and intersecting issues for a group of communities that share watershed resources,
including first-time water access for Colonias, overdue infrastructure repairs, and watershed
resiliency through conservation infrastructure and more sophisticated groundwater monitoring.
The County leadership has been instrumental in leading this process and have signed
resolutions to ensure their long-term commitment to developing and implementing needed
infrastructure and sustainable solutions. Their energy and effort will make it possible for other regions to build collaborative models of their success.

WFX continues to work with the community, as well as partners including the Environmental
Defense Fund and Communities Unlimited, to support the Steering Committee’s efforts.
The full published article can be found here: