Report: Regional Water and Wastewater Management Solutions

Regional solutions can take many forms with varying degrees of autonomy and complexity, ranging from agreements and partnerships to ownership transfer and consolidation with unified governance. Estimates suggest that there are over 51,000 regulated community water systems, 15,000 wastewater treatment plants, and more than 1,000 stormwater utilities in the US. Fifty-four percent of these systems serve fewer than 500 people.

Given the large number of water systems, regional solutions could improve economies of scale and efficiency, to address challenges around deteriorating water infrastructure and water affordability. The wide range of regional solutions allow for a tailored approach for each community. 

While regional collaboration is a choice that should be made by all relevant communities, the experience of Water Finance Exchange (WFX) and other intermediaries suggest that regionalization opportunities may have been overlooked because the diverse forms and the benefits of regional solutions are not well cataloged and understood. 

A new report from WFX Fellow Riki Fujii-Rajani explores the different forms of regional solutions and their potential benefits.

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