Report: Technical Assistance for Green Infrastructure

Technical assistance for water management has traditionally focused on “gray” infrastructure, such as water treatment plants or water distribution networks. Although gray infrastructure requires the funding and attention necessary to address outdated infrastructure needs and public health concerns, communities are increasingly interested in pursuing green infrastructure as a complement or alternative due to the broader set of social and economic co-benefits these projects can generate. Green infrastructure harnesses natural features to provide ecosystem services that regulate water quality or quantity. 

 This guide aims to help technical assistance providers understand the unique challenges and opportunities of green infrastructure for water management, particularly when working with small, rural, and underserved communities. It compiles technical resources that exist across the different definitions of green infrastructure, recognizing that practitioners can use these concepts to continue developing a shared understanding of these projects and their potential. It also delivers insights from ten interviews with practitioners and other subject matter experts on how TA providers can add value to green infrastructure projects. 

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