WFX Project Map

The map below shows Water Finance Exchange’s active and completed projects. To learn more about a specific project, click on the orange icon ( ). A description of the information provided for each project is provided below the map.

Map Index

Project: The name of the community or system.

County: The county in which the project is located.

State: The state in which the project is located.

Disadvantaged (Disadvtgd): Whether the community is located in a “disadvantaged” census tract, as determined by the US Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool. Communities that have some, but not all, of their area designated as disadvantaged census tracts are listed as “Partial”.

Funding Secured (Fnd Secure): Whether WFX successfully secured funding for a project.

Funding Source (Fnd Source): The level of government providing funding – Federal, State, or Other

Funding Program (Fnd Prgrm): The program that provided the funding, including the WFX Pre-Development Fund.

Regionalization Project (Regional?): Whether the project represents a regional approach.

Community Profile Link (Comm Prof): A hyperlink to the Community Profile for that project.

Median Household Income (MHI): Median Household Income as determined by the 2021 5-year estimates of the American Community Survey.

Percentage Below the Poverty Line (Pct Pov): The percentage of the population below the poverty line as determined by the 2021 5-year estimates of the American Community Survey.

Note: This map is updated quarterly and may not represent community projects that have recently started or projects in which WFX is no longer involved. If you have a question about any of the information presented in the map, contact Jackson Parr at