Community Engagement
and Workshops

The Water Finance Exchange (WFX) builds state-level partnerships by hosting workshops on water and wastewater infrastructure opportunities, convening environmental and public health regulators, water innovators and non-profits, university affiliates, and community leaders to explore sources of funding, the process and procedures involved for communities to seek funds, governance and operations management, and innovative strategies.

These workshops bring state leaders and community partners in conversation with nation-wide discussions around resilient and sustainable water infrastructure systems, including regional solutions and partnerships. These workshops identify collaborative opportunities to leverage public, private, and philanthropic funds toward affordable, sustainable water infrastructure in economically healthy regions where water serves as the cornerstone for economic development priorities.

Host a Workshop With WFX

WFX is always looking for new partners to identify new opportunities. Learn more about what a WFX workshop could look like in your region, and how to make it happen.

Reports on Past Workshops