Shovel Worthy, Not Just Shovel Ready

On July 21st, 2022, Water Finance Exchange (WFX) Co-Founder Hank Habicht was panelist on a webinar hosted by Lightworks at Arizona State University to discuss federal infrastructure funding in rural Southwest America. The U.S. federal government has committed significant resources to address unaddressed infrastructure needs, but spending strategies must address immediate concerns while accounting for future vulnerabilities in a changing climate and emerging digital economy.

Hank provided his expertise on water infrastructure and financing, showcasing WFX’s accomplishments and the connections between water financing and regional solutions that address the environmental, public health, and economic needs of communities. Other panelists included Teri Viswanath, Lead Economist of Knowledge Exchange Division at CoBank, Sarah Porter, Director of the Kyl Center for Alter Policy at ASU, Doug O’Brien, President and CEO of the National Cooperative Business Association International.

The Webinar is part of the Security and Sustainability Forum and can be found here:

WFX Co-Founder Hank Habicht serves as an expert panelist for Arizona State University’s webinar series on federal infrastructure investments.