Water Finance Exchange Congratulates Radhika Fox, Newly Appointed Water Expert for U.S. EPA

Washington, D.C. (January 26, 2021) – The Water Finance Exchange (WFX) congratulates Radhika Fox on her appointment to serve as U.S. EPA’s interim Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water. This is the latest in a series of appointments made by the Biden Administration that usher in a new era of environmental stewardship in the United States.

Fox brings 20 years of experience in the environmental- and water-industry to the position, leveraging her success from her previous role as CEO of the U.S. Water Alliance, a national nonprofit that is dedicated to creating safe, reliable, and sustainable water solutions for all.

“WFX is thrilled to partner with Radhika to address the most pressing issues facing the water sector,” said Hank Habicht, Managing Co-Founder of WFX. “The expertise she will bring to this role is unparalleled and we look to her leadership to set the tone nationwide, emphasizing how critical water- infrastructure projects are in our country.”

“With Radhika’s appointment, a proven advocate for sustainable and equitable water solutions, our nation can be rest assured that the health and safety of our most at-risk communities will be a top priority,” said Brent Fewell, WFX Co-Founder and General Counsel.

WFX looks forward to collaborating with Radhika Fox and EPA’s Office of Water to address the growing funding gap for local water infrastructure projects across the U.S.

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