WFX Assists Presidio County in Providing Colonia Service

The Water Finance Exchange was recently featured in a story at the Big Bend Sentinel on providing water to colonias in Presidio County, many of which would represent first time water access. Presidio County is leading the effort to creating a regional utility that would manage the water systems of Redford, Ruidosa, Candelaria, Shafter and Las Pampas. This centralized management structure allows for greater economies of scale, meaning lower operations and management costs and more capacity to implement infrastructure projects.

“The Utility Systems Board was set up to receive and administer $4.6 million in grant money dedicated to improving county water systems. The most pressing need for a new board made up of members from the water systems… is to get communities in Candelaria and Shafter out of boil-water notices and get Candelaria in compliance with requirements of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).”

Water Finance Exchange looks forward to continuing work with Presidio County to deliver safe and affordable water to colonias.

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