WFX Featured in EPA Water Reuse Report

Water Finance Exchange (WFX) was featured in a new report on water reuse from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Lessons for Optimizing the Adoption of Water Reuse in Underserved Communities. The report was developed as part of the Natural Water Reuse Action Plan (WRAP) Action 8.5, which focuses on engagement with disadvantaged and rural communities on water reuse.

The report highlights WFX as an Action Partner and reviews the success WFX had in Idaho piloting technical assistance for water reuse with the Shadygove-Sunnygrove system.

“The WFX connection was made to help Shadygrove-Sunnygrove identify matching fund sources and highlight opportunities for new funding for a grant or a forgivable loan (due to limited debt capacity and high existing rates). WFX collaborated with Shadygrove-Sunnygrove to create a financial summary that detailed various scenarios and recommendations. It was the first time the Shadygrove-Sunnygrove leadership had access to such financial modeling to make data informed decisions, and they found the support beneficial.”

WFX is proud to find success in water reuse for small and disadvantaged systems, and looks forward to continued partnerships with EPA and others on water reuse projects throughout the country.

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