WFX Joins Rio Grande Council of Governments as Water Infrastructure Partner

Partnership will provide arid West Texas communities with WFX expertise

Water Finance Exchange (WFX) became a formal partner to the Rio Grande Council of Governments (Rio COG) as the region faces increasingly challenging water infrastructure needs. Through the partnership, WFX will serve as a collaborator and expert resource in water issues for governments in the Rio COG.

“WFX has established itself as a trusted partner throughout the Rio Grande basin, from El Paso to the Rio Grande Valley,” said Rogelio Rodriguez, Director of the Texas Water Infrastructure Fund for WFX. “Our partnership with the Rio COG will allow us to continue to build those relationships with communities in need of water infrastructure solutions through the trusted work and relationships of the Rio COG.”

The Rio COG is a group of local governments across seven counties in West Texas and the Rio Grande basin of New Mexico. The group engages in voluntary coordination and planning around issues that cross jurisdictional boundaries, such as water resources.

WFX’s formal partnership with the Rio COG comes shortly after WFX helped Presidio County secure $4.6 million (at 70% grant funding) to begin addressing water infrastructure needs and assisting in the creation of a 39-member steering committee to organize and execute needed  water infrastructure projects, including first-time water connections, green infrastructure and flood management. WFX looks to expand upon this work across the rest of the Rio COG service area as the primary resource on water solutions.

About WFX

Water Finance Exchange (WFX) is a 501(c)(3) non- profit comprised of experienced water and finance professionals who work closely with communities to address head-on their water infrastructure funding needs and opportunities. Our mission is to help communities build sustainable and resilient utilities that are the foundation of economic growth and prosperity.